Scale AI Integration


With ScaleAI integrations you can outsource the labeling of your images with polygons and box type labels.



ScaleAI Integration is an Alpha-Stage Feature.

We would love to get feedback from you on how to improve this feature. Please let us know if there's anything you would like us to add to this integration to better fit your needs.

Sync Support

For each task template created in Diffgram, you will have the option to send a task to ScaleAI for annotation. Once the task has been completed, Diffgram will mark the task as completed so you can visualize the new instances.

There are other more automatic options available - please contact us to discuss any needs here.

Key Assumptions

  • Currently only Box and Polygon images are supported.
  • Sending existing annotations is not supported.
  • Currently videos are not supported. Future versions will add support.
  • Future versions will add support for attributes and other types of instances.
  • Diffgram will not cover the costs associated with sending the tasks to ScaleAI.
  • Tasks can only be sent once per task template. If you want to re-send an image you will have to create a new task template with the desired dataset to send.
  • Each task template created on Diffgram will create a ScaleAI project where each image will be a bounding-box or polygon task.
  • Sync-back of the annotations to Diffgram can vary depending on how long ScaleAI takes to finish the labeling.