Updating Existing Tasks

Updating Labels

Tasks freeze the labels. This means you can edit labels as desired in a project without effecting existing jobs. A project can expand and change as needed, adding removing labels, etc.

Sometimes however we do want to update labels, perhaps if we changed an attribute or value of an existing label, or if we added new labels after.

How to:

Go to the task page.
Go to the "Schema" tab.
Click edit and select the new (or updated) desired labels. Save.




If an existing label has edits (ie the name, or attributes) then click Save directly without having to re-select the labels. Saving in this context will update the tasks to have the latest information from the project.

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Don't remove labels with existing instances

We don't recommend removing labels with existing instances. The instances won't be deleted in this context, but won't render on the canvas. This would likely result in confusion.