Diffgram Default Roles

Default roles and permissions in Diffgram.

1. Project object Roles

class ProjectPermissions(Enum):
    project_view = 'project_view'
    project_edit = 'project_edit'
    project_delete = 'project_delete'

class ProjectDefaultRoles(Enum):
    viewer = 'viewer'
    editor = 'editor'
    admin = 'admin'

2. Dataset Object Roles

class DatasetPermissions(Enum):
    dataset_view = 'dataset_view'
    dataset_edit = 'dataset_edit'
    dataset_delete = 'dataset_delete'
    dataset_list = 'dataset_list'
    dataset_invite_user = 'dataset_invite_user'

class DatasetDefaultRoles(Enum):
    dataset_viewer = 'dataset_viewer'
    dataset_editor = 'dataset_editor'
    dataset_admin = 'dataset_admin'

More role types and permissions will be supported on future releases.

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