Versions - Open Source & Enterprise

Differences between Open Source and Enterprise


Diffgram code is 100% open source.

Here we explain a bit about what are the differences on the open source & enterprise editions both feature wise and code wise.

Open Source


Up to 10 Users on Open Source

  • Core Platform
  • Annotate All Media: Image, Video, 3D, Text, Geo (tiled), and more
  • Data Lake Feature Store (Data Catalog)
  • Unlimited Annotations and Automations
  • Unlimited API & Python SDK/CLI Access
  • Auto-Annotate (ML Automation)
  • Automated task distribution
  • Collaboration across teams
  • Performance dashboards
  • Robust QA & collaboration capabilities
  • Model-assisted labeling (Pre-Label)
  • All special tools (Video segmentation, medical, tiled)
  • All Attributes and Geometric Templates
  • Project Management & Data Curation
  • Workflow builder (coming soon)
  • Data Explorer (model diagnostics)
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Long 4k Videos & Ultra-High Resolution
  • DICOM Native (Coming Soon)
  • All Cloud Integrations (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Issues & Comments
  • Identity (OIDC, SAML, SSO, LDAP, more)
  • Compliance (SOC 2, GDPR, NIST, more)
  • Security
  • Support: Quality Docs, Global Slack Community

Comparison Video Deep Dive

À la carte Services

Services are available to purchase at any version level.



We can not extend these services until a purchase order is completed. Please contact us to purchased these services.


  • Detailed project scoping
  • Install assistance
  • Configuration assistance
  • Initial usage training
  • Cloud, hardware config assistance
  • Infra maintenance
  • Training and how to use
  • Break-fix support
  • Pre-sales type questions
  • Hardware optimization and resource planning
  • Best practices to solve specific cases relevant to your business
  • Optimization of use scoped to your specific case
  • General help


  • Everything in Open Source
  • Compliance (SOC 2, GDPR, NIST, more)
  • Identity (OIDC, SAML, SSO, LDAP, more)
  • Security
  • Custom Deal Terms
  • Custom Unlimited Users
  • Custom Software Engineering
  • Best Support
  • Model Training (AutoML or Custom)
  • 4 Hour Response SLA Standard
  • 15 Minute Response SLA Available
  • Up to Five 9’s of availability
  • Value Add Services (Data Science, Project and Labeling Service Admin)
  • AI Solution & Pipeline Engineer
  • Long Term Support (LTS) Assurances
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Training
  • Advanced queue customization
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Enterprise dashboards
  • Audit & Security Reports
  • Sales executive engagement
  • Custom Commercial Pricing Models
  • Service Level Objectives (SLO/SLA)
  • Scale to billions and trillions of annotations, petabytes of Data
  • Roadmap Steering Committee

Compliance, identity, and security are similar in all pricing tiers. In enterprise we will also work with your security team directly, do security audits, compliance audits, and assist in configuring your identity setup.

Engaging Community and Sales

In order to give you the most appropriate experience please kindly consider your intended use case:

Intended Use

Recommended Contact


Community Slack Channel

Open Source

Community Slack Channel


Sales Playground Limits

The free playground version that's hosted on is meant to try it out and has these limits:

  1. Up to 2 users.
  2. Up to 100 files per dataset.
  3. Video up to 100 frames.

After playing with it online:

  1. Install diffgram on your own hardware
  2. Contact us to talk about enterprise versions.


Open Source


Who is responsible?



How can I communicate with the diffgram team?

General community channels.

Response time may be greater then 1 day.

No resolution promised, may help log ticket in git

Email, Dedicated slack channel, Video

2-3 business hours or next business day

Video calls available

Ticket expectation
For Community support, we see you as collaborator, and we may ask for a complete reproduceable example, specific technical error messages, and may even ask you to propose your own solution.


Supporting Team Diffgram

In this option the direct value return is the support, this option naturally supports Diffgram continuing to ship high quality software, new features, and more.

Contributor Notes: Open Source Code & Feature Flags


Developer Contributor Info

You may see some code on open source versions that might not be accessible or usable at run time. For example, there is code to help run and for enterprise teams.

  • Although all the enterprise code resides in the same repository, we purposefully limit some of our features with feature flags and licensing checks.

  • Although you might see the code of these feature, we do licensing checking on our licensing servers to see if the installations allow the usage of those features.

  • We strongly discourage any source code modifications to enable these features since they go against our terms of usage. Practically it will also make it difficult for you to receive updates if you do this and is against the law.

  • There are different limits for the free and open source self installed. As explained in more detail on this page, open source limits are only focused on the user limit, where as the version hosted by diffgram has dramatically different limits. (with the .com) is short handed for the version hosted by us.
open source is short hand for diffgram software installed by you. (And not Enterprise).

Open Source History

Open source software has a rich history. The short story is big tech companies capitalized on open source, reselling it for their own benefit. To balance this, open source companies came out with a new license that prevented that. The company Elastic has done a great job summing up some of this on their ELv2 page here.. The Diffgram license is inspired heavily by that.

The "OSI" does not represent everyone. They are one lens, one view, into their opinion of what open source is. They did not accept the shift mentioned above and so therefore we don't hold their licensing opinions to be valid.

Diffgram offers the full code as open source. This is very different from others who put only a portion of the code open source, but then require a license to use it effectively. That's a bait and switch. By having the whole product open source Diffgram the community can join in improving all aspects of the product, making it better for everyone.

On a practical level, people who can afford to engage enough people to hit the user limit most likely are in a position, and want to engage with us on the Enterprise level. As the only independent (non-VC) backed startup in this space we fund improvement of the product through Enterprise, and take a longer term custodianship view of the technology vs short term profits.

There are many benefits of open source that go far beyond the licensing specifics. The community of contributors, being able to inspect the code, transparency, reliability just to name a few.

When we first went Open Source we called it "Open Core" based on a misunderstanding on our part, but since in our case the whole product is actually open, this just confused people, so we shifted to calling it what it is, Open Source.

Edge Cases

Secondary limits
To keep it simple the users count is all that should be of concern. Please note we may enforce this limit both through the literal count of users and by other related limits that act as a check and balance on the number of users. For example if it's not reasonable for the user limit to annotator more than 1,000,000 files in a single dataset or more then 10,000,000 annotations in a project. These secondary limits may naturally change over time. If you encounter a secondary that feels wrong please just contact us!

Other hosted limits
We may impose other limits on the free hosted version of

Disclaimer: Please note everything on this page is worded as a high level general guide for average cases and subject to the Diffgram License Agreement.

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