Oct 2023 - DLv2 & Contributor License

July 2023 - Preview of Diffgram 2.0

AI Datastore The AI Datestore

Performance updates.

Latest release

March 2023 - Conversational UI

Latest Release 1.18.4
Conversational Annotation & LLM (Preview)

Feb 2023 - Multi-Modal Annotation (Compound File)

NEW Release 1.17

We have released the first version of the compound file visualizer🚀
Multi-Modal Annotation
This version includes:

Support for 2 file parallel annotation (front+back)
Dynamic panel readjustments
Attributes per child file

We will be releasing fast follow improvements in Feb.

Oct 2022 - New 1st Class AI/ML Workflows

Vertex AI

Vertex AI: Train model

Hugging Face

Hugging Face Zero Shot


Deepchecks Image Properties Outliers

Build your Own

Custom Actions