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Re: Training Data Software

Hi [NAME],

Diffgram is what we need to take our next step in our AI efforts. It will help us move towards production models, pre-labels, interactive automations, versioning, new uses cases, better model performance, expanded teams, and new data types.

This is a great opportunity to accelerate our efforts. This will be particularly beneficial for [PROJECT 1] and [PROJECT 2].

They care about our success. I have seen fast updates to the product during my evaluation. Diffgram is open source so we know we are getting a higher quality product, vetted by the community, that’s been tested in the most environments and diverse use cases.

Beyond that, I have been using Diffgram for a little while and find it meets our needs. They have been in business since 2018 and have a clear roadmap for the years ahead. Over 5,000 professionals facing similar challenges are already using Diffgram.

The next step is to go for Enterprise. It will unlock the capacity we need, provide critical support, and more.
The monthly cost is [$ HERE] - which includes the support we need to get up and running quickly. Let me know if you’re on board and we can work together to plan out initial usage and goals.

Looking forward to your thoughts,