Diffgram is commercial open source, meaning that if the License limits are exceeded you are required to purchase a License to remain in legal compliance. The triggers:

  • 10 or more users;
  • or if your company has 250 or more employees;
  • or if your company has over $10,000,000 in annual revenues or venture funding.

License Questions


Open Source License

Full Open Source License

All of Diffgram code is in the open. Diffgram uses a feature checker, licensing engine, and other methods to ensure compliance. Contact Sales

License Questions

Free Enterprise Trial

You may use Diffgram for free, for a limited duration, to build up a business case for one of the paid plans. Existing paid pilots are excluded. Restrictions apply. Please contact us if you have any questions about this option.

Affiliated Companies

If your corporate entity is affiliated, backed, sponsored, legally related, owned, controlled, etc. by another entity or entities, the aggregate set is taken into account to determine limits. So for example if you are in a new division affiliated to a large company you need a paid license.

Risks of being Out of Compliance

  • No feature updates
  • No security patches
  • Legal risks of being out of compliance of the License, similar to Pirating software.
    Over time we plan to come up various creative and unexpected ways to further encourage compliance across all Diffgram installs.

Personal Use

Personal use is free. For example if you personally want to use Diffgram for your educational studies, that's free. Diffgram reserves the right to determine if usage is commercial. Please note you must install Diffgram on your hardware.